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A Season of Transition. In three short months, we are sending over half of our staff team and about 20 of our best leaders to plant a church at Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID. This season of transition is full of joy and healthy mourning as we must say "goodbye" to some of our deepest friends for the sake of the Gospel. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to provide peace, joy, and a smooth transition as we send this team!

Maturity in Leadership. As you can imagine, sending some of our best leaders is going to create a gap in leadership that must be filled by others. This creates a huge opportunity for other students to grow in maturity and lead out in our community. We believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit these students will do just that. Please pray that God would raise up these students to be strong leaders (and maybe future church planters!).

Another Baptism Service. We are so excited that God has been faithful to provide fruit from our labor in 16 students deciding to follow Jesus this year! With that, we have the joy of hosting another baptism service where 11 students are being baptized! Please pray that this would be a joy-filled celebration and that this service would be used for non-believing friends and family to hear the Gospel.
It is because of your support that we are able to be on the campus full time. For that, we are so grateful!  At this time we have raised $2350 in monthly support. God has been faithful to provide the remaining of our needs through scholarships and financial aid while I am in school. That said, we will be working to raise an additional $1500 in monthly support over the summer.
If you have any like-minded friends or family who might be interested in learning about our ministry we would love to connect with them. Please take time to think and pray about that, and let us know any names that come to mind!

What's been happening?                           

We have been talking a lot about Spring Break and the trip that students would be going on. Well, in the last two weeks those trips became a reality! Students wrapped up their finals, took a breath of fresh air, and then jumped in vans headed to Seattle and Pocatello. I had the pleasure of co-leading the trip to the Seattle-area where we visited UW,  WWU, and UBC.

Spring Break

Spring break offers a great opportunity for students to be apart of what God is doing in the world without the distraction of school. Being only a week, the most fruitful way to spend this time tends to be by taking students to other campuses where Resonate is praying toward planting churches in the future. This not only allows us to learn about the culture of those campuses but often transforms students understanding of the importance of living missionally every day. Many students come back from these trips rejuvenated and excited about sharing the Gospel with their peers! Here is a little bit more about what we did at each campus:

University of Washington. We spent the first two days of our trip at the campus of the University of Washington. Unfortunately, the school was on spring break which limited our interaction with students, but we were still able to connect with some. The goal of these two days was to learn about the campus, the culture, and pray over the campus as a potential future church plant location. We broke up into small groups and talked with as many people as possible. Being from Seattle, the things we learned were not surprising to me, but were very eye-opening for students who had never been. The most interesting thing that we learned, however, is that while UW is large, most students are connected to small pockets of community through clubs, sports, and classes. For this reason, students are hungry for community.

Western Washington University. As we mapped the city of Bellingham and the campus of WWU, we learned that there are two very distinct cultures here. Bellingham is known to be very politically correct and leads out on questions of gender and sexuality. While this is certainly present on the campus of WWU, students are more concerned with relationship than political or religious issues. While 60% or more of the students at WWU identify as having no religion, many of them are open to discussions about spirituality and support individuals pursuing whatever it is that they believe. This presents a huge opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people through friendship. We are so excited about the potential of planting at WWU next!

University of British Columbia. We spent the final days of our trip at UBC in Vancouver, BC. The campus is outside of downtown Vancouver and is completely separated from the city and residences surrounding by a large park. For this reason, the campus is very much like its own city. With a staggering 60,000+ students, this is one of the most prestigious schools in all of Canada. The statistics of "nones" on this campus is greater than 70%. This is a highly secularized, post-Christian campus that needs Jesus! With our short time on campus, we were by no means able to "crack the code" of what it would look like to plant at UBC, but we want to continue to pray towards that end and pray that God would provide clarity and the right team to have a huge impact there. One of the most exciting realizations is that UBC has one of the largest populations of Chinese exchange students in North America. Imagine how reaching these students at UBC would result in sending missionaries back into China to spread the Gospel there too! 


Personal Transformations on Spring Break. While collecting data is helpful, what I am really excited about is the personal transformation of the students on our team. One of my favorite parts of the trip is the downtime when I get to talk with students about what God is speaking to them, convicting them about, and calling them into through the experiences we were having. On multiple accounts, students told me about how their eyes were opened to the vastness of God's mission to redeem the world. Seeing the number of students at other campuses, and the number of lost students for that matter, helped them to realize the importance of sharing the Gospel and making disciples at their own campus every day. If we need to send disciple-makers to these campuses, we must make disciples who can make disciples to send. By God's grace, the work we do every day could have great Kingdom impact at UW, WWU, and UBC. In addition, at least half of the students on this trip are praying about what it could look like to be a part of a church planting team! Praise God!

Hangout with us LIVE!

On Monday, April 9th at 7:30 PM we will be hosting our monthly Facebook Live event. We will go a little deeper into the stories above, and answer any questions that you have.

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Part 5 | Only God documentary
Resonate Church at EWU planted in the Fall of 2015. Resonate had no plants to plant at Eastern, but God did. This video explains how God spoke and orchestrated for Craig & Kellie to plant our site!

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