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  • Wisdom beyond our years (because we don't have many years).
  • Stamina for our (small) team.
  • Fruit in making friends that will lead to Gospel conversations.
  • All of the friends we make would have softened hearts.
  • Freshman named Blaire who is close to deciding to follow Jesus!
  • Freshman named Jace, new believer in Pocatello.
  • More opportunities to talk with Ken about the Bible, and that he would come to know Jesus.
  • For lots of leaders who can model mission at EWU as well as across our sites! Lord willing, these leaders could plant churches in 2019. 
  • God to provide financial support partners for an additional $1100/month.
We are so thankful for all of you who give so that we can be on campus full time! We have partners that provide $2900 in monthly support. We are working hard to raise an additional $1100 in monthly support.
  • 6 partners at $50/month
  • 4 partners at $100/month
  • 2 partners at $200/month

What's been happening?                           

Summer is over! It was so good to see many of you over the summer and to get to share all that God has been doing. We are excited about the new school year! We are so thankful for your prayers and support as we continue to pursue students at EWU.

The new year is here!

Students are back! Classes started Wednesday, September 19th. The campus is full of new life and optimism! Everyone is ready to make new friends.

The beginning of the year is VERY connective. Many of our rhythms include tabling and handing out fliers, helping students move in, and putting on large events to create space to connect. It's fun and (honestly) kind of exhausting. The friends we make in these first few weeks are often the ones we get to celebrate meeting Jesus throughout the year. Please pray that we would connect with TONS of students. Pray that God would be working on their hearts in preparation for us to share the Gospel with them. (We have handed out almost 2000 fliers already!)

This year looks a lot different than last year. Last year we had 12 staff members, this year we have 4. We sent our best to Pocatello to plant a church, including many of our student leaders. God is doing some cool things in Pokey (That's what the cool kids call it. Keep reading for more on Pokey!), and we believe that He is going to raise up more leaders to fill the gaps that they left. 

Traction with freshman.

Freshman moved in last week, and we had a team of leaders there to meet them! Our Freshman Ministry Team is made up of leaders of all ages who are committed to orienting their lives towards Freshman. The goal right now is to connect, build friendship, and then move conversations towards spiritual ones. 

We are already seeing the beautiful fruit of students living on mission towards students! One example is a girl who one of our small group leaders met during move-in named Blaire. As they were spending time together in the dorms they began sharing their stories. Through hearing this leaders story Blaire professed a desire to have a relationship with Jesus! She said that the love she sees in the community of Resonate is what she's always desired, and wants to know more about what's behind it; Jesus.

New life in Pocatello!

We miss our friends dearly, but are celebrating God working through them at ISU already! School started at ISU in August. Having landed in Pokey with almost no connections, their strategy was to attend any and all campus events possible to meet students. During week of welcome they met a freshman named Jace. Here is a story about Jace in Juan's (site pastor in Pokey) words:

"First Poky DTL!!!! His name is Jace and we met during week of welcome! My buddy Sebastian (Cheney 2015 DTL) met Jace while project summer was here and introduced us! Jace and I have been talking about Jesus and the Gospel for the last week! Today I invited Joe (Freshman ISU believer) to come with me to share the Gospel with Jace! After sharing the Gospel again and the 2 circles Jace said he wanted to be the circle on the right and be made new in Christ! So we prayed in the middle of the rendezvous!!!! PTL!!!"

Praise God for this new brother in Christ! Again, we miss our friends, but its stories like these that make saying goodbye worth it.

We Have Exciting News!

We have some exciting news. By God's grace, we have secured funding for the three church plants we are praying towards planting in 2019! Please now pray for God to raise up leaders, and call people to join the church-plant teams. If He wills, we will be planting churches at WWU, UM, and MSU in the Fall of 2018, and the Cheney site will have an integral role in that!

My new friend Ken.

While tabling I met a guy named Ken. He grew up Lutheran but has been questioning his faith because he feels that science and Christianity are incompatible. He is struggling with how to believe in the validity of the Bible and the Gospel despite what he sees in science. He asked me some of the most controversial Science vs. Christianity questions in 10 minutes, which was challenging, but ultimately said he wants to see that God exists and the Bible is true. He is in a moment of searching. Pray for a softened heart and that we would be able to follow up that conversation soon!
Only God | Story of Juan and Luis Cuevas
These videos have mostly been documenting history. This year we got to be a part of making history by sending Juan Cuevas and a team from EWU to ISU. This is his story.

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